Alkoxy Glycerols

Alkoxy Glycerols (AKGS) or DAGE (Diacyl Glycerol Ether) is a natural substance that is found in the mother's breast milk, cow's milk, bone marrow, and fish oils. It was discovered in the year 1952 by a Swedish doctor Astrid Brohult that Alkoxy Glycerol is responsible for producing the white blood cells (WBC) and macrophages. WBC is responsible for controlling the overall immune system of the body. Alkoxy Glycerols can also prevent the human body from injuries by harmful radiation. Infants fed on mother's breast milk for longer period of time, (s)he is going to have a better immunity as compared to those who barely had.

AKG is found in reasonably good amount in deep sea fish oil. Supplements containing AKG benefit a person by improving his/her body's immune system. This further prevents individuals developing infections and diseases in the first place. Recent scientific studies have discovered that, coadministration of AKG increase the efficacy of antibiotic and antifungal drugs.

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Colour and appearanceGolden yellow liquid
Specific gravity0.902 to 0.910
Acid valueLess than 2 mg KOH per gm
Iodine value95 to 110
Saponification value140 to 145
Unsaponifiable matter25 to 30%
Peroxide valueLess than 5 meq/kg
Alkoxy glycerol content22 to 25 %
Heavy metalsWithin the allowed limits